We all hit technology problems at some point or another. Maybe your printer refuses to do its one job. Perhaps your computer’s boot time suddenly slows to a snail-like crawl. Or your tech gremlin may just be a small but persistent annoyance — like a popup message which won’t go away, or a software feature which makes absolutely … no … sense … whatsoever. The point is, sooner or later everyone needs a piece of technology fixed, tweaked or explained. When that happens, your best friend is a nerd who knows how stuff works. We are those nerds! Fist bump!

How It All Works

So you might be wondering how on earth we can fix your computer without actually being there. It all boils down to one (really kind of weird when you think about it) truth about computer problems. Most computer problems happen at the software level. So let’s jump back to the example of that printer of yours which refuses to print. Sure, it could be because the circuitry is fried or something mechanical is misaligned. But four times out of five, your printer’s devilish and dastardly ways are going to be related to either 1) the software which makes the printer run or 2) the software package sending the printer command to that software. Those software problems can be fixed from anywhere! So long as you have a good and reliable Internet connection and one of our super-nerds in your back pocket (figuratively speaking).

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Problems We Can Usually Solve Online

  • Emails which won’t send
  • Lost passwords
  • Slow-running computers or generally poor performance
  • Malware infections
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Printer malfunction

All these common problems can easily be solved remotely by a nerd who knows his peas and potatoes. If you sign up for our unlimited plan we can even help with a ton of small but annoying computing tasks, like formatting your documents, organizing your hard drive and freeing up disk space.

What Happens When It Can’t Be Fixed Online?

Fair question! If your problem does require technician access to your technology, we’ve got you covered. Nerds On Call’s online support service is backed up by a fully mobile crew of computer repair professionals. If you live in one of our supported areas, we can arrange for a technician to come directly to you. Check out our locations page. If you’re out of our service area, we’ll give you all the information you need to get your repair handled swiftly and reliably by a local technician you can trust.   If you’re looking for convenient, expert advice right now, our online tech support service is for you. We’re just a call away +1 561 868 88 36.

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